Warehouse Capacity:

220,000 sq ft with 28 dock doors

We are a vendor with a total solution for supply chain management. Having our own Stateā€“of-Art manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA and a close association with our overseas partners gives us an edge over the competition in terms of best quality, low cost, and less production lead and replenishment times.


Production Capacity


Replacement Cushions: 2,000,000 pc/year

Pillows (blow fill): 4,000,000 pc/year

Body Pillows (garneting): 800,000 pc/year

Bean Bag (pouf machine): 100,000 pc/year


Maximum planned production: 30,000 lb. fiber/day (in any form: low melt, garneted, blow fill)

Our Clients

  • https://www.homedepot.com
  • https://www.homegoods.com
  • https://www.lowes.com
  • https://www.kohls.com/
  • http://www.tjx.com/